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Monthly Archives: March 2005

just some thts..

Been feeling moody nowadays.. and sat down todae and tht alot about friendship… and was immediately flooded by memories… despite having a wide range of friends, none is which knows me well enuff bah… kindda sad… but tt’s how life is ba.. Tht about maybe it’s myself… how i present to others.. how truthful i’ve […]


My qn is.. What is it? I have heard countless stories on it… hurting pple.. and it supposed to be gd or bad? or is it in the grey factor? -.- sigh.. feeling lousy for the whole day.. dun know y.. i think i’m getting a little ausitic ( dunno how to spell ).. dun […]

now i know..

why i don’t like blogging… tt’s cause everytime i blog, it’s always because i can’t find someone to talk to… and here i am, pathetic as always, facing a stupid screen and typing all my feelings on a stupid online blog which no one will ever c -.- oh well.. feeling damn pissed/confused/angry/whatever now… tt’s […]

BLOG revived~

Yoz to all the thtful friends who had been constantly checking for updates in this almost dying blog… now it is once again revived by mr ron… and i expect it to die off once again in the near future.. but… oh well~ Anyway, it’s been long sinced i last blogged.. lolx.. i can’t even […]