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Monthly Archives: April 2005

and oh.. i feel so much better now.. kudos to bloo…

and oh.. i feel so much better now.. kudos to blooger~ Cheers,Robin

What’s a friend to you?

What’s a friend to you? Someone u can talk to? Someone u can… safely confide to and be sure tt your secret is safe with tt person? I don’t have friends who know me well… though i have a huge…. circle of friends.. not even one.. how pathetic.. It’s strange how i actually became part […]

lot’s of thts… little solution..

Yoz~…. this few days.. no mood to blog le.. dunno y.. even now, i’m forced to blog.. ( so unwillingly sia.. lolx.. ) .. no la.. just wanna get away from my game for a while… 2 much games is bad for health -.- ok.. what did i do these few days? hmmm… mostly of […]

been long…. erm.. 4 days?

Actually, had a lot to blog.. but suddenly no mood… so….. Cheers,Robin

Gd evening distinguished guests and fellow fajarian…

My name is Robin Lim, class of 2004, sec 4E3. On behalf of fajar secondary school, it gives me great pleasure to present to Dr. Authur Beng, this work of art entitled flow. It is about the beauty of the underwater world.. and it is my personal interpretation of the magic tt lies beneath the […]


Initially, i had a lot to blog about… but the wait to come to this “create post” page was amazing fast and i forgot what i want to blog about… this is what often occur to me during work.. i’m stm remember? *took me a while to think* oh ya… i was suppose to name […]

ok.. i admit… i’m stressed…

“Stressed? No la… I dun feel stressed..” is my usual reply to pple.. but now, i finally realised and admit tt i’m stressed… kindda sad to realise it only now.. Ok.. what did i do recently? I’ve been REAL moody, PMS, Anti-social… and in the dun-feel-like-toking mode… scolded my mum these few days because of […]