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Monthly Archives: May 2005


Have any of my readers ever left a family member? Or has any family member ever left you for a long time? As in, go other place to stay, vacation or something lidat. My sis just left me. And i felt real bad. Now.. what i mean? Not as in she’s dead la ( choi! […]

The ART of flirting.

Flirting, according to “Times chamber pocket dictionary”, is defined as to play at courtship without any serious intention. Only here, only today, the lonesome hero is gonna teach readers…. *drumroll* The ART of Flirting! As everyone knows, the lonesome hero is a failure at matters of the heart, and has thus, decided to retire from […]

I’m an adult now! Ha!.

Ok.. i’m damn shag now, so i’ll keep it short and simple.. yeah? Diff between poly and sec sch. Two words. Poly Rox. Another two words. Sec-sch sux. Ok. I know i sortta cheated.. sec sch is 2 words by itself… but tt’s not the point. The point is, i FREAKING LOVE poly life lohz.. […]

Suddenly filled with emotions

Now, this is just another boring “What is love tt binds beyond things on earth”post, so skip it if you don’t feel like reading this. Was re-watching “The heavenly sword and sabre” when i was suddenly…. filled with emotions. A sudden tht of her and suddenly, the show just seemed so unimpt ( i had […]


Initially tht it was fun, going over to alvin’s hse to ton.. u know, play mahjong or play warcraft together. INITIALLY. Meaning it isn’t at all. So bored. I could have actually stayed at home, for what i did there was to chatz in the internet, pestering miss tan to chatz wif me. Ha. I […]

My classmates!

“Don’t wry la. Later just say hi and introduce yourself loh! Got what to scared de? Ha.” That’s what i said exactly to alvin. Ha. Little did they know, actually i also quite nervous la. Quite. Meaning not having sweaty palms, perspiring like a pig ( alvin was though ), nor butterflies in stomach. I […]

I don’t wanna die young…

I must cut down on the regular intake of coke, chicken rice, sweets and fried stuff. Maybe i’ll subsitute with pepsi, Duck rice, sugar and spring chicken… Now, that’s not the point. The point is… if i continue on, i’ll die young. Although reports has shown that singaporean is now living to a ripe old […]

Just let me rant on will you?

Just… let me get off my steam… and you will get back the same old crappy ron.. okie? What happened recently has put me off my “Everything-will-be-fine” mood. ( I’m not going to name anyone here, but those who know me will should know what’s happening. ) A series of unfortunate events.. one after another.. […]

A storm in a calm sea…

*looks at the title.. yep.. it’s what can be describing about my life now.. now having family crisis.. and parents eagerly looking for a chance to job hop… now that i’m gonna go into tertiary studies… and bro going to university, the merge income of a canteen vendor can’t help much.. and now parents are […]

A dedicated story.. ah.. interesting?

As Yuzhuang as so kindly REQUESTED, i’ll dedicated a story to her and her beloved Spongebob.. As the story goes… Once upon a time, there lived a girl called yuzhuang and a spongebob called spongebob square pants. THE END Cheers, Robin