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A storm in a calm sea…

*looks at the title.. yep.. it’s what can be describing about my life now.. now having family crisis.. and parents eagerly looking for a chance to job hop… now that i’m gonna go into tertiary studies… and bro going to university, the merge income of a canteen vendor can’t help much.. and now parents are looking for a stall in a coffeeshop.. so if you guys got any lobang, feel free to leave a msg at my tagboard.

Got a lot of problems coming up, not only finacially… my bro’s issue haven settle.. and is still pending for results…

Things has been quiet lately… cause i have to help out at dad’s canteen stall while dad settles my bro’s problem.. and tt canteen doesn’t have internet connection.. oh well..

Anyway, to change things to a lighter tone, don’t you think things is really quiet nowadays? Not as in i nv blog.. but… tt stupid *巫婆妆 ( i call her tt for a reason… ask her… ha ^^ ) nv come disturb my blog! Ha.. why you ask? C’oz she don’t have internet connection! Ha… retribution for vandalising my blog :P…. Ha… And according to realible information, she’s rotting at home now, possibly fully decomposed by now.. Ha!

Kindda quiet eh? Kindda starting to miss the days where i “Oh shit!” in front of my labby, cursing under my breath for her “art”.. ha! ( To 巫婆妆: Don’t think THIS gives you the right to do as you wish! ha.. ) Ignore her if she vandalise… she’s crap anyway.. ha.

EDIT: Just received a sms from her saying her internet connection is back! Argh! ha… ok la.. she suffered for 2 days… now… come back.. don’t vandalise = no connection cut-off.. understand? Ha.

She’s gonna be up to something now… after 2 days of pented up stress… and C***** that resulted in slp-less night for her.. haha.. so poor thing 😛

And oh!… forgot something.. i kindda spoilt my mouse.. but kindda fixed it again.. so yz.. luff all u want -.-“



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