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I don’t wanna die young…

I must cut down on the regular intake of coke, chicken rice, sweets and fried stuff.

Maybe i’ll subsitute with pepsi, Duck rice, sugar and spring chicken…

Now, that’s not the point. The point is… if i continue on, i’ll die young. Although reports has shown that singaporean is now living to a ripe old age of 70+, other reports has also shown that younger kids are dying younger, due to the lack of control of their diet.

No more days of downing coke like nobody business, nor savouring the hot and crisy spring chicken which melts in your mouth and not in your hand.. wait.. tt’s not the point.

I’m dying soon! I’m gonna contact a lawyer tml and have my will mended. And i’ll make a will tt i will not depend on machines to keep my life longer.. just.. let me go…

Now wait.. what do i have as my possession? Oh yes, my unfinished can of coke, “Hot and spicy” calbee potato chips, and half a packet of M&M milk chocolate — All in my fridge.
Now now, also not forgetting my prized mp3 player, my labby, and most importantly, my supernatural hp batt which by now, should be worth millions.

I’m really dying… I’m so weak man. Seriously. First was my knees… well, i tried to console myself that it was an old wound, so, old wounds tend to pester you more frequently right? Yeah.. next is my body. Damn.

Now what happened? Today when i was playing bball, i was suddenly overcomed by an urge to vomit ( i ain’t kidding ).. but of course, i held it back and continued.. now, it became worst.. and i had to stop the game halfway ( damn.. left 1 point and i can’t tahan.. how serious can tt be? )… Of course, being a qualified first-aider myself ( ha ), i had to do something to myself. I laid down.. and i just like.. knocking out.. yeah.. tt’s the feeling. Just feel like fainting..

For guys who has nv experience fainting be4, here’s a brief explaination on how you feel.

Well, i’ve nv really fainted be4, but i had a close shave once.. so i know.. now, you will feel that, suddenly, it’s very hard to breathe. Yeah.. tt’s the feeling. You feel thirsty and things will suddenly darken. It’s like how pple faint in the movies… you know? The lights fading? Yeah.. tt’s how it feels.

Now, of course i got better after resting.. and i tried standing up. Even so, it was such a chore. I was sweating like a pig ( now, don’t luff guys ) just standing alone.. ha. And i even attempted to play the game along wif them. Ha. I guess the “I’m-a-man-i-can’t-go-down-so-easily” mindset set in.

Now, i had a close encounter today also. While i was walking back home alone, things suddenly start to go black. It’s the same as what i narrate above. I knew that something will happen to me soon and i reacted la ( forgot what i did.. i think stand still for some time ).. lucky i was able to make it back to my flat alive.. and i immediately sat down and rest.

I made up my mind. I’ll have to go running everyday ( for my health and figure. Ha. The belly’s coming out! Help! ) I must have some excerise everyday lohz.. tt’s bascially the plan. And sadly, no more cold drinks unless after sports. Tt’s my plan. Ha. And oh, i really need to get a will asap.

Actually had a lot to blog about.. seriously. I tht about a lot of things these few days.. and i think i’ll update my readers in the near future.. ha ( if i don’t get lazy, tt is. ) Anyway, ngee ann’s stuff coming up soon.. and so, i’ll update you guys on tt 2.

Don’t think i have readers though. Ha.



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