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My classmates!

“Don’t wry la. Later just say hi and introduce yourself loh! Got what to scared de? Ha.” That’s what i said exactly to alvin.

Ha. Little did they know, actually i also quite nervous la. Quite. Meaning not having sweaty palms, perspiring like a pig ( alvin was though ), nor butterflies in stomach.

I guess CI course trained me up on this aspect. Ha. That is, act cool and calm in a new environment.

Heh. Met my classmates today le! They were an enthu bunch! Ha. There’s this guy, which i think girls would like a lot ( Yz would drool.. ha! ) called adam. Damn enthu. And started to suan everyone like old friends. Even the seniors wasn’t spared. Ha. Has this “love-me-will-ya” look and funky personality ( judging from a day of knowing him ).. and quite out-going ba.

And there is this guy called Zheng Jie. Currently in the national basketball team ( i THINK. I’ll like to stress the THINK word.. incase gals like yz drool also immediately hearing he from national bball team. Ha ) and… damn enthu also. Ha. Was from ACS i think ( gd genes ) and… quite loud and sporty. Even lead cheers for jackson, our senoir. Gay partners for jackson. Now, they are both straight. Except when they need someone to acc, they look for each other. Ha. ( kidda like alvin and me… i dunno his gay partner for how long liao. Ha. )

Quite a few hunks in my class.. Ha… and some chiobus.. too bad alvin.. ha. And oh, my class is the biggest class in bit and 1/3 of my class is guys.. Ha.

This reminds me of alvin tan’s class again. Poor thing. His class only got one girl. For freaking 3 years. He must be despo already. Ha.

Anyway, we did cheers and games today. The icebreakers were a total waste of time. C’oz by tt time, we had already knew it other well enough and were talking like long time buddies. Ha.
Guess i was lucky…. correction.. i AM lucky.

We ARE an evil bunch. Ha. Planning how to skip fri’s performance, how to leave them wif a whole list of wrong hp nos. Lots.. uncountable. Ha.

Well, we got a t-shirt.. and apprantly, my country tee became my class tee. Ha. Why? C’oz my class is the biggest class.. and that in my country, only got my class ( while other countries got like 3-4 classes ).. dun ask me why.. i dunno.. so in the end, class tee = country tee. Country tee = class tee.. ha. BTW, my country is United Greece.

Nv tht lecturers in ngee ann would be so lame. Saying lame jokes when addressing us. Ha. And it’s not even funny -.-

Basically, not a bad feeling towards my classmates.. and looking forward to lectures where other classes join us.. time to oogle at girls. Ha.

Will end here ba. Tml sports day. Have to wake up at at 6am -.- Can die. Ha.

Note: Now tt i have digicam, i’ll try to post some pics.. spice up the place ya? Ha.

Back of my Country/Class Tee~ Cute? Posted by Hello


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