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The ART of flirting.

Flirting, according to “Times chamber pocket dictionary”, is defined as to play at courtship without any serious intention.

Only here, only today, the lonesome hero is gonna teach readers…. *drumroll* The ART of Flirting!

As everyone knows, the lonesome hero is a failure at matters of the heart, and has thus, decided to retire from worldly affiars and gone into retreat for his research.

And now, behold the NEW lonesome ( still? ha ) hero… with his Art of flirting~~~ Ok. Before i begin, i hereby announce that this is based solely on research on a sample, thus it’s called a statistic, unlike those research done on a population, as those are called paragram. ( For those who don’t understand, it’s actually part of business stats la. I’m studying those now. Ha )

K. Enough of crap. Where was i? Oh yes. The art of flirting.

Though the lonesome hero is lonesome, he has some friends who…. is gd at flirting. Ha. As in, they can convey to the opposite sex with ease, EVEN on sensitive issues.. and they can… touch here touch there with girls one. As in, they can tickle girls on their tummy ( i know this ain’t the olden days where once you touch the girl, you gotta marry tt girl.. but.. i’m just CONSERVATIVE la.. can? Ha ) or grab them here and there ( don’t anyhow think hor )… without any hestitation. As in those intimate gestures la. I feel damn shy and uneasy if i’m too close to a girl. As in, if i suddenly brushes my hand against her’s or something lidat.

Is this a normal feeling? Or what? Dunno la. I have friends who have such charisma that on the first day of sch, they can go to everywhere and greet friends. Just a 5 mins walk and he can c like 20 friends. Pro lohz! And it’s those… just knew one lohz. Kao. And some, they can just, be very confident in themselves ( this is hard, mind you — maybe yz is gonna chide me for this.. heck la ) and…. i really envy them.. really do. One person whom my blog readers might know is alvin. He’s a real sucker and i can say tt… he does have confidence in himself. That’s one of the main point girls like guys in. He does have some charisma in him too, though i do not want to admit this point. Note.. SOME

I have friends better then him though. Like Adam and Rick. Confidence is very subjective la. Confidence comes from the way you look too. If you do have some special features, of course you will be more confident in yourself then others right? So what can a average looking guy like the lonesome hero do? Complain? Sick and tired liao la. An example is today. Was playing pool with gan ting, candice, rick, lum. And i can sense that.. Rick is sortta interested in Gan ting la. She’s kindda cute anyway. ( BTW, she got stead le ) And he’s like.. asking her to play, going all out lohz.. even offering to teach her. And when he’s teaching her, it’s like.. you know, the scene from tv series where the male and female lead will make a ceramics pot together… get the picture? And several times, it like.. got some quite intimate actions lohz.. and i see rick, it’s like… perfectly normal. Change positions and i’ll blush like siao. Ha. I shy la.

And later on, i even saw rick “playing” –> ( dunno playing or purposely one la ) with gan ting, and attempted to like.. hold her hand, which gan ting in turn, playfully slapped him on his arm. WTH lohz. If me, i go bang wall better. Ha.. Dunno why lehz. I must change this mindset.


Opps. Ha. Anyway back to art of flirting.

男人不坏, 女人不爱… ( literally translated to Men, nt bad, Girls don’t like .. Ha ) This is DAMN true. No girl ( those i know ) would want a male domestic maid at home, waiting on her. Or a guy who has no ideas on his own and a Mr. goody, who always gives in to her. ( No kick, they say ). And i’m the sortta guy who won’t quarrel with a girl. As least, i’ll refrain myself. They are the “weaker” sex, they will cry. They deserve to be treated better right? THEN TO HELL WITH THE ALL SEX ARE EQUAL CAMPAIGN. Sianz lohz. Notice how Ah bengs all got steads? And how the loud guy besides you who has either a Fuck, Chee bye or Kan Ni Na in every of his sentence got a stead also? And the quiet you, sitting down there, steadless. Ha.

This is so god-damn true. One thing i gotta admit that is right on what kate said that girls says they want a goody and loving stead who will take care of her or whatever. But actual, they want their stead to be more evil de. At least, i think so.

Disclaimer: I not encouraging readers to visit her blog. I think some of her ideologies are wrong anyway.

Seriously, i tried. To be bad tt is. As in act cool and stuff. But it’s just not me lohz. As in, i’ll feel uneasy. Discomfort. Stuff like this la.I guess guys like me will remain single until the day i die. Sigh.

Cheers, The Lonesome Hero.


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