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Have any of my readers ever left a family member? Or has any family member ever left you for a long time? As in, go other place to stay, vacation or something lidat.

My sis just left me. And i felt real bad.

Now.. what i mean? Not as in she’s dead la ( choi! ).. but due to my parents working at a coffeeshop now, my bro who gotta go camp on weekdays, and me who gotta study on weekdays, my sis is sent over to my aunt, who will be taking care of her during her holidays.

One month, that is.

I feel so rotten

Practically when my sis is not coming back, unless, weekends.

Imagine a young girl, entrusted to her aunt, left on her own, no one to depend on… so sad right?!?

Ok.. maybe tt’s a little too exaggerating… but the point is there la…

For the first time after so long, i held her hand and brought her to my aunt ( in teck whye )..

For the first time after so long, i coached her on her studies..

For the first time after so long, i gave her some money to buy the things she wanted.

For the first time after so long, i offered to treat her to a meal.

For the first time so long….

For the first time so long…

Sigh… I’m not a gd brother at all.

I felt tt i’ve ill-treated her lohz. And to think she’s out living with someone so young.. so sad lohz!

I promise i’l treat her better…

I promise….



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