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Monthly Archives: June 2005

I’m fucking attitude now.

Haven been myself. Lately. Projects driving my crazy i guess. Ha. I’m like doing all the projects MYSELF. I’m really fucking pissed with my group members. Though i don’t show it during meeting cause it will just affect their mood as well and bring down their already inefficient efficiency. One always with girlfriend. One always […]

Life catchin up on me..

Yoz! My … erm…. pathetic amount of readers~! I’m back! Okie. I shall not be blogging in a happy tone. For i’m in a rather…. monotonous mood. Quite a number of things is going on recently. For example, it’s the endless work of projects. I shall touch on those first. Projects. Nightmares Okie. Not THAT […]

Sadden suddenly.

Everything happened so suddenly. As in, i invited them into a conversation and decided to ask them how i fare as a CI. From the cadet’s point of view. Them = my EX NCOs. I didn’t expect to get gd remarks. But i didn’t think it could be that worse. Am i really THAT fucking […]

Which blogger am i?

Congratulations Robin Lim, you are… mr brown of Like that ad for Toys ‘R Us, you are that kid who doesn’t want to grow up. Except you do. And now you’re just a big overgrown kid who doesn’t want grow up. You have a warped yet addictive sense of humour. It takes skills to […]

stressed out..

I cried myself to slp yst. Yes, you heard that right. Been long sinced i last did. I’m finding it harder and harder to get money from parents. As in, after my sec 4 education, i nv really did get money from them. Cause i’m working and stuff. So, i pay for my own expenses. […]

Happy b/day Si Si~

First and foremore, i’ll like to say Happy b/day Si Si~ For those who don’t know who she is ( Correction. Those reading my blog CFM dunno who she is, cause no one from my poly knows about my blog yet… as in, my course de pple. ), she’s my senoir. Business Studies second year. […]

Fucking expectations.

The problem with adults ( some ) nowadays, is that they think they have a age difference over you, and therefore, they are almighty, superior and you have to lick their fucking toes to make them happy. My quarrel with my parents hasn’t cease yet. It least, they are still fucking rambling over it. Come […]


It’s disheartening. To be a CI. If you are CI to be, and if you don’t want to face disheartening things, back out. I know this is not the correct way to do things, but i’m damn dishearten now, so please fucking keep your comments to yourself can? I’ve always been….. friendly. I guess. I’m […]

Lectures…. not!

Making use of the time when i’m not so shag to update my blog la hor? If not later i’ll be like.. shortening my posts again. Ha. Actually typed out a lot, but i cancelled everything.. c’oz it just doesn’t seems right… and maybe i’m suffering from memory block.. just a useless post. Ha. Cheers,Robin

Follow ups..

I’m really that damn fucking shag, so i’ll keep it short and sweet okie? Sorry for not updating my blog ( no one cares anyway ), c’oz i’ve been real bz nowadays. What i’m bz with you say? Sch work, Np camps, oogling at girls. Nah. Oogling is an understatement. I’ll say getting to know […]