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Monthly Archives: August 2005

Just realised how games in modern days can affect people so much. It’s just bytes and bits! And games ARE supposed to relax us right? And from what i know, people are getting so uptight over games and, supposely neglect studies over them. Just like me. Yeah. Childish me i suppose. Getting paranoid over people […]

Just some little updates…

Some updates be4 i slp ba.. Yst spent the whole day watching meteor shower ( though i’m NOT very sure if i’ve seen it. ). Saw 2 times, if what i saw is what it really is. C’oz we need to have 2 person to see it together to cfm that you saw it, if […]

Benefit of the doubt? Ha.

For those who dun know who’s kpt, i made a flash, which you might think it funny…. Just a reminder to my poly friends ( it seems like someone knows my blog -.- ), pls do not tell kpt anything about this, or spread my blog url to everyone. Just keep it to yourself k? […]


Tht i’ll just pop by and blog a little. Just got back my results for the first ever CA in my poly life. Ain’t tt great. A,B,B,C. Judging from the range. Ha. I think i’m to be blamed to get this kindda suxy results ma. The C is the fruit of my laziness. Nv study […]