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Monthly Archives: September 2005


Facelift of my blog. How was it? Nice? Gimme some comments on my taggy hor.. and meanwhile… Backed to the arguement of blogs and flaming of teachers. Read Xiaxue’s, Shuyin’s and Mr Brown’sblog first, for they all wrote about the incident. They probably said all tt i wanted to say. So, just read them la! […]

As usual..

I tht of a lot of things to blogged about, but i forgot all about it liao. Damn.. must be the bath just now.. Anyway, readers can now safely call me teacher lim, Mr Lim, Sir, or whatever you like, c’oz i’m officially a tutor now ^^ Yes, and i’m teaching the sub i hate […]

A song for dreams..

Yes, i know it’s a bit too much, 3 posts in a day, but i can’t help myself. I HAVE to post this song ( even if i can’t find the lyrics on the net and have to type it out myself manually. ) And so, this is 咸鱼 by 五月天 ( Mayday ). 我是一只咸鱼 […]

Yes, another post.

This post is specially dedicated to… ………………………. CIA~~~~~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY~~~~~~ Named by me as, the-girl-who-knows-everyone’s-b/day. Yes. Happy birthday hor, and…. stay prweety~~~ ^^ And if you don’t read my blog ( i don’t know.. ) … then too bad :P.. It’s the tht tt counts la.. ( meh meh and wen ling, don’t tell cia […]

Fun day!

It was a breezy night afternoon. The sky is clear, with countless dotted stars a blazing sun, glaring mercilessly. Robin walked along the Singapore river, relishing the beautiful scenery with his dream girl himself. The atmosphere was filled with romance. He gathered up all his courage and grabbed his dream girl’s hand own hand. Looking […]


Had a great day today. Yes, why you ask? C’oz i went to 见见世面with my astro club members. Not alot though, all pang seh, and only 5 set off from the original destination. Picked up 2 later and there you go. Yes, i mentioned that i’m going blood donation today, but didn’t really succeed. C’oz […]


Yes. I HAD ENOUGH. Enough of stupid comparsion of grades and results from different courses. Yes, i touched on the topic a while ago, over here. First entry. WHY must pple compare grades when they are from different schools, studying different fucking things altogether? To try and make each other look stupid? ( Disclaimer : […]

I seriously need a…

JOB!Argh~ … Maple is down, so here i am again. Just went for a interview… and guess what? Another trip wasted. I turned out tt…. it’s $4+ per hour.. and we had to slog 9 hours everyday, waking up at 4.45am every morning. 4.45am! When i’m used to slping at 4am! WTF! And so, after […]

Complains.. mumblings, everything under the sun!

Yes, i’m back again, faster then ever. Kindda bored over the holidays, so….. no choice but to turn to my blog~ Yeah, read the eariler entry and you would know what i’m not in the shape to go anywhere ( except for job interviews, which i am desperate for.. and well, a gd game of […]

pain all over…

Now i know how a women feels… …. … … … … … … … … … … … … when they try all ways and means to get off the idiotic fats in them. Ha. And now, i know… how men feels… … … … … … … … … … … … … […]