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Monthly Archives: October 2005

Dead tired.

Being the boring guy tt i am, practically these few days are passed, boringly. Apart from sms-ing a someone for the whole of the last few days ( which i see no point in? or is there? ), work and meeting basically drains me of all my energy.. Work, as in, the promoter job. I […]

My dating profile..

Your dating personality profile: Athletic – Physical fitness is one of your priorities. You find the time to work athletic pursuits into your schedule. You enjoy being active.Adventurous – Just sitting around the house is not something that appeals to you. You love to be out trying new things and really experiencing life.Liberal – Politics […]

Working already!

Just got back from work at suntec city. Selling some safra membership thingy, lets not go into that right? It just started to rain once i step out of suntec… And frankly speaking, i love rainy days. Like how i tried to tell yishi and bingxin, but gave up later on, rainy days gives me […]

I see the great picture.

I know why i’m procastinating so much now. I finally understood. I have too much committments. Seriously, i do. Too much that, i kept putting things on hold to settle the immediately task, until i have no time for other things. Like having a girlfriend. Ha. Kidding. Anyway, i do have lots of committment, some […]

Astro training camp 2005

After much procastination, here i am, gonna blog about the Astro training camp 2005.. As mentioned below, it’s the slackest camp i’ve ever been to, which almost half the time of the camp as free time.. ^^ And yes, truck load and truck load of pics coming up… The starting of the camp, waiting for […]

Super bz!

Hey yo!. So long no update, readers got miss me? Ha.. Anyway, i just got back from astro camp, super fun! It’s about the slackest camp i’ve EVER been to, and it has met it’s objective ba, to bond all the pple together… Yup, and i’m trying to upload the pics for the camp to […]

Facelift… yet again!

Eh, nth to do, so facelift again! So how? Give comments wor! Cheers,Robin

Fucking phone call…

It was raining. Heavily. I was holding onto a umbrella, walking side by side with her… Thts raced thru my mind. Should i hold her hand? Should i walk slower? I was holding onto th umbrella with my left hand. My right hand? Constantly brushing against her left hand. Again and again, i wanted to […]


Today had a very gd meal, courtesy of Koh Poh Tee. All had actually gone to sch to find her to ask her for opinions for out transfer, but later on, she said she’s going to bring us out for lunch… So a group of 6 pple ( + her 7 ) went to Holland […]


Was organising my songs and pictures in my labby, and came across pics of my class… Was suddenly overcame by a wave of saddness. Looking at the pics, seeing how happy-go-lucky we all are used to be.. and now.. it’s just so different.. Pple worrying about transfer, pple worrying about appeals. And it seems like… […]