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Monthly Archives: December 2005

My secondary sch clique..

Sometimes i just hate my secondary sch clique. I don’t even know, how i got to be inside the clique in the first place. First and foremost, what i can’t stand from people is the ai mai ai mai, heck care fucking atttitude. Like what they are giving me now. You know, I really don’t […]

Last day of 2005..

It’s the last day of 2005, and i’m sitting in front of my labtop, typing away. What a way to welcome a new year! As said by Chu Xiang, I’ll be having a “silent new year”. This year I… …don’t really want to go squeezing with the bangalas……don’t really want to go to somewhere crowded…don’t […]

New Year Resolutions!!

Am supposed to be mugging like hell now, as i promised *someone* to work hard, but… it’s break time i guess…. You know, times like this, when blogging seem so much better, i just can’t resisit typing and coming to the homepage for blogspot… and… aiya.. just can’t resist la! Today is the last […]


I’m at mac with Yuzzie now! Guess abalone was right. Studying with someone you know ( as in a very long time ) is going to get non-where. First and foremore…. It’s been a damn long time sinced i last saw yuzzie, and… the first impression of her was… OMG Now now, erase the oh-so-gorgeous […]


Seems like a very long time sinced i last updated! Any symptoms of r3gularichits? ( If you don’t get what I meant, it meant as a sickness which can make readers vomit continuously for 3 days if they don’t get a dose of r3gular very soon kind of sickness. ) And so, to save lives, […]

Bao yu!

I have nothing to do today, I have nothing to do today, I have nothing to do today! And so, i’ve decided to ( try to ) study. While some of my friends are celebrating! Argh! To save myself from being chopped into dunno how many pieces to make abalone, i have to do this.. […]


It’s a season to be jolly, la la la la la~ la la la la~~~ Wootz! Christmas! First and foremost… HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUZHUANG! Hee! Should be a very memorable birthday cum christmas for her eh? To be counting down in a toilet -.-.. This christmas, is the worst christmas i’ve ever celebrated. Why so? Admist […]

I’m Sick!

I’m sick! Just when the festive season is coming! Hope i recover soon eh! “Who am i… to you?”r3gular.


A test posted on my friend’s blog. Heh, try ba.. Take a piece of paper and write down the answers.. Theanalysis is in the end.. Situation: You are in a deep deep forest… as you walk on you saw an old hut standing there(1) What is the status of the door?(Opened/closed) You enter the hut […]

Holidays Mood!

Holiday mood! Happy holidays Merry christmas to all! ^^ And so, admist the mutterings of merry christmas ( though still early ) to all, i still have to mutter happy birthdays to my friends. Seems like i DO have lots of friends who’s birthday is on December! Shall pick a few to be mentioned ( […]