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Monthly Archives: February 2006


I’m so bored. I dunno.. I’m scared that i’m over confident for POA. I’m getting so bored reading the things which i know already…. As in, not reading. I’m bacially skimming thru the notes nia! Argh! So bored… And i’m planning to go home already.. when i’m only here for a while… Guess i chose […]


Seems like everytime i come mac to study, i’ll be blogging away first… before i hit the books.. Well… maybe not everytime.. but most of the time.. If readers doesn’t know, everytime i go mac, i’ll be in really slacking attire.. and i’l usually be wearing my fajar class tee.. or any fajarian tee ba.. […]


I must endure… Life is so boring nowadays! I’m actually looking forward for holidays man! Where i can work my arse off.. I think.. i may be going out with astro peeps tml… c’oz it’s just so boring at home! :S VCDs to lend.. ANYONE?!?!? I’m desperate le!!!!!!!! :S:S:S:S:S:S Sigh.. Gonna go mac study POA […]

Some things to get off my chest..

Sorry for my lack of originality… and for my emo-ness. Bear with me for a while.. and i’ll go back to normal kay? Lolx.. Don’t keep telling me these words… You don’t know how much it hurts.. And yet, i don’t blame you.. For it might seem to be a passing remark.. to you.. But […]


Yes! I’ve finally finished it.. and in record time also! And it’s gonna change hands to chu xiang tml.. :> I’ve been seriously “away”, hiding in my room VCDing away! Becoming a mountain turtle le la! Heh! And now that i have nothing to do until thursday ( last paper, poa! :> )… guess i […]

In case…

Yes, in case you guys are wondering what i’m up to these few days, well.. not much.. just staying at home.. hee :> Yeah, though it’s final exams period, i have totally no mood for final exams.. And therefore, indulging in the world of VCD, Love, Romance and all the stupid 古装 things.. Yes.. i’ve […]


我想通了… 我要设立我的目标… 我要向目标前进.. 我要有一番作为!! 为何在那里如此拼命呢…? … 可能是因为那是我和你第一次见面的地方..也是我们唯一的联系吧… 我要做会有自信心的自己… 我要让你看到我的成就… 一….定…要…. “My heart…not perfect… but it’s.. true…”r3gular.

Exams! Play! Parties!

I’m currently at Selena’s Hse now… blogging away when they are all helping themselves to the food! ARGH! First and foremore, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SELENA! Hee… Happy birthday and stay pretty always! I have a lot to blog about… maybe will blog later… well.. depends… I have an exam at 2pm tml, programming.. and i know […]


Just conforted yk over MSN. Seems like he’s in the same situation as me.. as yst… Mind blank. SIGH.. Some friendship can be so fragile.. some can be so strong. I won’t say my friendship with yk is strong, but it’s coming to 10 years, with 3 years as classmates… Once during pri 3, then […]


Before i go for my jog, here a picture a friend of mine did using photoshop. It’s a combination of 3 pictures… and i can assure you the 3 original pictures doesn’t look even remotely like the final pic.. She’s DAMN pro.. Now… let me go for my jog.. And oh, tml 11am, I’m collecting […]