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Monthly Archives: March 2006

AF training camp

1st day! Everyone’s sleeping like a log, except for Me, Kah Heng and wilson in the main com room, each of us busy with our own labby. For me, i’m talking to wen, she’s interested about joining astro. Anyway, first day. I’ll say, it’s a good start. The comments we got from the participants really […]


I just read something SUPER long, so i’m still digesting things. Anyway, it’s really nice. To have someone to open the tables to. I don’t ( usually ) care how people look at me, I just do things the way i think things should be done.. and the right way. Convince me i’m wrong, and […]

AF Training Camp..

Like i say before, Astro is still the Astro you know, depending on how you look at it. Maybe my stand has got something to do with being a libra-ian. It’s said that libra-ians can actually see two sides of the coin.. right? And so, I’m able to see the good and bad side. Even […]

Being watched.

This further confirmed by decision to shift my blog elsewhere. No wait, dun cry and beg me to stay 😛 What i meant was, i’m gonna start another blog elsewhere, but still keeping this. Remember me saying i’m being watched in my blog..? Now, yet again another incident. I’m not telling anyone off, i’m just […]

When will it end.

Seeing MSN nicks slashing at us. Ain’t very cheerful.. Anyway, just to add in something, i have no problem with anyone in astro. Just that, i do have a few comments. That’s about all. No problems, just comments. As in, i don’t hate anyone or dislike anyone. Whatever. Think how you all want to think. […]


And so, i’m backed to blog. Ignore my last post. I’m just pissed at that point of time. AF 17th main com is out. Actually, I’m surprised. Politics arises, just like any election and stuff. What happened was………. chaotic? Nope, not exactly. 17th Main Com Namelist Evelyn – President Victor – Vice President Robin – […]

Astro people

Coming to astro is becoming a chore. I might will become another wilson. Fucking attitudes over here. Guess. I’m gonna explode soon. SOON. “My heart…not perfect… but it’s.. true…”r3gular.

Human nature…

Politics is everywhere. Yes, one of my naggy post on human nature again. Just finished a whole day of astro, rushing here and there for AF meetings and Messiea Marathon. Aiya. Lots of things happened today. I’ll say, all due to human nature… and that different people have different working style.. Today, i ALMOST retaliated, […]


Hands trembling, heart aching…. I clicked on the web browser and accessed THE webite. THE website, to check my damn RESULTS. Fumbled here and there, typed in the wrong password and everything, i finally came to THE page. Clicked on THE link, and MINIMIZED. And i proceed to chatz on MSN. I SCARED OF SEEING […]


Sigh. Why do evern have to tag me! I have to type ANOTHER entry to carry on her tag… Haiyo… Tagged –If you’ve been tagged, you are to come up with 7 qualities of your ideal perfect lover. – Do specify the gender.- Then, list down and Tag another 7 people on their pages.- If […]