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Monthly Archives: April 2006


Been super long sinced i last had a jog around my neighbourhood. Went for one just now. Man, just love to sweat it all out, feel fucking tired and then just sit down and breathe deeply. And if you guys don’t know it yet, yes, i love jogging. I can think about lots of things […]


Everything seems like a dream yst…. “My heart…not perfect… but it’s.. true…”r3gular.


29/4/06 – 30/4/06 A day to remember. Was at town when wilson called me to chill out. Since i had nothing to do, might as well go. Jio-ed clement along. Heh. Those two scheming shit. Want to make me drunk! Lol! Kept.. pouring hard liqour on my cup. ***** It’s nice. Once in a while, […]


Nothing seems important anymore. Not the “still okie” east coast trip planned by me. Not the things happenning in Astro. Not the meetings. Not school. Someone’s going overseas for 2 weeks! Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. And if you don’t get me. Once again, Sigh. ***** I hate it when, you wanted to say something, […]

Getting tired.

Since Pri sch… Since Pri sch… I’m always heavily involved in THAT. Been the same, for sec schs. Up to the point that, my form teacher actually speaks up for me for my lousy grades.. And my sec sch teacher claims that i leave the sch later then her. Because of THAT. And now, because […]

First day…

Yes everyone, now i am a sucker myself. Still relishing the moment last monday when i smsed yuzzie about being a sucker, going to school so early… heh! And now, here i am, joining the rank of suckers.. sucks man.. Oh well. First day, nothing much happened. Wore the cap yuzzie bought me ( so […]


Someone’s sick but doesn’t want to rest. “My heart…not perfect… but it’s.. true…”r3gular.

CCA Fiesta

Highlights of today is not CCA Fiesta. Not the night obs after that. It’s… The discussion between the emos…. And on top of everything. I did what my heart told me to do. She smsed me, told me her sickness worsen, having sore throat and flu. Thinking of buying “liang cha”, but she flu -.-” […]

With nothing better to do…

I tried This.. I know, it’s just any other love test, bo liao, but this is so fucking true. Try it, and see if it’s true. So summaries everything *Caution, if you haven do the test, don’t look further…* I picked 7 for qn 1. Not explained. Shorter route for 2nd question – Which says […]

I got ripped…

Like a dope… Well, not exactly. Was supposed to bring my sis back home from jurong, and i’m having this splitting headache.. and wasn’t feeling very comfortable, so i hailed a taxi and hopped on… Let’s see. It cost me $8.50 during PEAK hour to get from bukit panjang to jurong, but it costed me […]