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Monthly Archives: May 2006


Yeah yeah. I’m gonna start revising tml -.-. And i really hope i do start tml. C’oz sat is the first day of exams. IF you guys don’t know that, the target i set for myself is to get into the director’s list this sem. With this kindda attitude. Heh. Think it’s possible? * Evern […]


Emel was showing me this thingy, and i felt that it really.. described me well.. Heh.. ( except for some points. ) **** L i b r a Sept 23 – Oct 22 LIBRA MAN A man who has no balance like his Zodiac symbol. He is not the gentle, cool , calm and charming […]


It’s amazing, how i can tahan until now.Will go into that later. Happy Birthday Clarence aka Bear Foo!Great. Which leaves me out of us 3 being 17. Bleah. * Went BA cares today, to collect newspapers. Not that i WANT to go, but.. aiya.. astro peeps ( actually not a lot also ) going, so […]

Oh well.

I’m fine already. Thanks for everyone’s concern. Was busy feeling fucked up, and forgot about blogging about the funny things i see/read. It’s amazing how anger can make you narrow-minded. Yes, ladies and gentleman, I present to you, . For a moment, i thought kennysia has died. It’s been VERY long since he posted […]


[林 汉 良] +|M3 W!|| H34| 3v3Ry+H!n9… Responsibility –> Disappointment –> Absence –> Novelty. said:cx[林 汉 良] +|M3 W!|| H34| 3v3Ry+H!n9… Responsibility –> Disappointment –> Absence –> Novelty. said:seriously speaking[林 汉 良] +|M3 W!|| H34| 3v3Ry+H!n9… Responsibility –> Disappointment –> Absence –> Novelty. said:do you and the freshies feel like going to the talk tml? […]

I’m pissed.

I hate interruptions. Especially when i’m doing something important, and is very into it. And i fucking hell, hate last minutes cancellation of things. * I’m skipping lectures tml. Even though Mrs koh say she will mark our attendance personally for lectures. For this kinda shits. I’m missing a attendance-marked-lecture. For something everyone would just […]

Budget deficit.

Running low. On budget that is. These few weeks, really… LOL! Though i have no complains la.. Today treat Clarence to lunch and settlers… for his birthday.. though we bought him a shirt liao… Woohoo! I’m such a good friend 🙂 Went to.. foster steak house, had steak ( obviously.. ) and made fun of […]

Alcohol = Robin?

One call from adam, and i’m down to accompany them. To chill out at boat quey. Actually c’oz Han Xiang wanted to jio this girl, and asked adam along to “help”.. So i go also lohz.. ( With free alcohol and cab fare.. of course man! Lol! ) Don’t worry about tt guy la. He […]

About reading blogs…

In astro club house now. One of the perks for being vice president ( or rather, one of the key holder ) is that i get access to the club house anything. Able to let me have a place to think about things, do my work and stuff. Oh Well.. *Was interupted by junior who […]


Die. I haven done anything since i came home. Except for settling some astro stuff. MY PROJECTS ARE WAITING FOR ME! And yet, i’m slacking around, with no mood to start.. Argh. This is what i call, the “Pre-exaM Syndrome”… aka PMS. Fuck!…. Making honey lemon now. Hopefully able to start my engines soon ba… […]