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Older generation.

Still remember the friend of my dad i mentioned last time?

My respect meter for him increased, yet again.

Was working for him yst night ( gonna work again for him later in the night.. )… and found that… the way he thinks… really…. can get in touch with the younger generation.

Was having dinner when he sat down and started chatting with me…

While talking, i actually took out my phone and checked the time… and he exclaimed..


I was like -.-“.

Then he carried on saying that, when signing up a phone for a 2 year plan, get the latest, more expensive one.. c’oz the phone’s gonna stick with you for 2 years.

Oh btw, he exclaimed is the joking kind.

Hmmmm…. he then proceed to talk about all the “in” gadgets stuff… and he brought out his handphone.

Fucking hell.


Picture a uncle, wearing slippers and shorts and a t-shirt, BBQ-ing satay and chicken wings ( his stall sell these ).

What comes to your mind?

Old fashion. Uncle. Not in touch with trend.

And he’s holding on to a O2 atom.

When he has nothing to do, he plays bejewled on his atom.

Or try and access unsecured wireless connection around the area… to get to the internet to surf. ( sneaky.. heh! )

And i can assure you. He’s thinking is definitely not what his generation should be like.

You know, i like this kind of people.

They are able to relate to any generation, get chatty.

I want to be like that man. When i’m a father someday.

And oh, when i reach there, he gave me a brief description of where all the “same-age-as-me” chio bus are. Which stall and what “pattern” one.

Damn hiliarious la.

That guy knows what the younger generation is thinking man.

I like that.


Gonna change my phone in 2 months time. My 6280, here i come!

“If faith is what you need, i’ll give you mine…”


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