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Daily Archives: May 18th, 2006


Nope. It isn’t the Great Singapore Sales. It’s just that, i have nothing to do ( true in a sense.. ), and thus, decided to go shopping with Adam. * Skipped Woke up late for the first tutorial, and went to school just in time for the second tutorial of the day, only to find […]

Giving someone all your love is never an assurance…

Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they’ll love you back! Don’t expect love in return; Just wait for it to grow in their hearts. But if it doesn’t, just be content it grew in yours. “If faith is what you need, i’ll give you mine…”r3gular.

Listen for love.

There are times when we are timid and shy about expressing the love we feel. For fear of embarassing the other person or ourselves, we hesitate to say the actual words ‘I Love You.” So we try to communicate the idea in other words. We say “take care” or “be good”, But really, these are […]