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Robin is back.

Starting from Tml ( or rather, i’ve already started today.. ), i’m going back to studies.

And committments. I guess.


Am sipping on Honey Lemon now. Just made some for my family, and all gave me thumbs up. Pity someone doesn’t wants.

Oh well. Doesn’t bother me anymore.

Oh right. I’m sipping on honey lemon, and doing work.

Can you believe it..?

I’m working on E-games design assignment.

And i’m gonna start revision ( or rather, studying… since revision is done after you have studied -.- ) and start on my projects.

No point… wasting my time and life and money on stupid things.

Yes, Robin is back. ( With a bang i hope. )

Though i may still be quiet sometimes… just leave me alone when i quieten down k?


K. Gonna go back to my assignments. Got lots to catch up.

“If faith is what you need, i’ll give you mine…”

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