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I’m pissed.

I hate interruptions.

Especially when i’m doing something important, and is very into it.

And i fucking hell, hate last minutes cancellation of things.


I’m skipping lectures tml. Even though Mrs koh say she will mark our attendance personally for lectures.

For this kinda shits. I’m missing a attendance-marked-lecture. For something everyone would just CONVENIENTLY just drop me an sms which says “last min cannot make it” and fucked off.

With a list of 34 people’s name.

It reduces to only 6 people going now.

Heh. Fucking pathetic.


Adam and Clarence would say, “Fuck care. Don’t go. Which one more important? Lectures ( with attendance marked.. ) or some stupid talk..?”

I tell you. If tml, the person isn’t Chu Xiang and his friends. You won’t even see my fucking shadow.

That thought did cross my mind though. I wanted to fucked care ( since everyone fucked care.. right? ), but it’s fucking irresponsible. And it’s like being a fucking bastard to CX.

After all, he helped me get his friends to go.

*The more i type, the more i feel fucked.*

Imagine this.

You are in the midst of a project ( which isn’t going very well in the first place… ). And SMSes kept coming in. People telling you i can’t make it tml. Last min. Freaking…………


People tell you they can make it, and you included their names. And at the very last min, they tell you “i can’t make it” and runs out of sight.

Giving you not enough time to ask other people for replacement.

If you can’t commit to it, don’t tell me “CFM” in the first place.

Great. Just great.


Now i’m praying, for June 1st.

Results of ambassador.

Please let me in.


And again. I post the question to myself.

Why am i going through. All these.

“If faith is what you need, i’ll give you mine…”

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