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It’s amazing, how i can tahan until now.

Will go into that later.

Happy Birthday Clarence aka Bear Foo!

Great. Which leaves me out of us 3 being 17.



Went BA cares today, to collect newspapers.

Not that i WANT to go, but.. aiya.. astro peeps ( actually not a lot also ) going, so i’ll just go lohz. Mostly freshies ba.

What happened there was.. routinal.. just that the astro group ( or rather, me eve jw, cx, sq, john ) stayed back till very late to help them move the newspaper..

We stayed till 4.30pm. When we can leave at 1pm..


( Sigh. No choice. Marcus’s the in-charge of this event :S )

And if anyone thinks moving newspapers is easy, try moving a WHOLE TRUCK of newspaper.


*This entry has absolutely no meaning, just that i’m waiting for my “dinner” to come, and with nothing better to do.. yeah..*


Oh well. Gonna get some sleep soon ( if possible.. ).

I’ll start studying tml.

Macdonalds.. anyone..?

“If faith is what you need, i’ll give you mine…”

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