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Monthly Archives: June 2006

War is brewing somewhere..

Fierce. Totally. Just some comments to say. What is a blog? It’s someone’s personal diary. Hosted in the internet. What’s a diary for? For you to write down feelings or whatever you feel like. Personal. Diary. Personalised. And since it’s a PERSONAL diary, it’s for your own reading purpose ( or IF others FEEL LIKE […]

4 days hiatus!

Yes. 4 days hiatus is a long break for me! What i did was… to slack, ROC ( Relax One Corner ), watch Goong… Gamed… Work… Lots la.. Motive for blogging today? Actually quite for nothing la.. ( actually… all MOST of my entries are bo liao entries.. ) Anyway, Evern just told me to […]

Finally break camp.

Just finishing pom poming… At home le. Astro Fiesta, finally over. Not very great, but not bad either. Kindda glad.. about my night walk. Surprising, we encounter nothing. Maybe except for me and wilson la. ( Very shag, so will not go into detail ) – First encounter with lady in block 50– First time […]

Astro = Family..?

Was rather sad actually. Because of something which happened in camp today. Of all the stupid problems i encounter, this one actually… saddened me the most. It’s about… communication. Between two different batches of astro peeps. I not trying to bring ANYTHING across ( lest it starts another sparkle ), to put things right first. […]

Astro Fiesta.

In the midst of a take five, slacking at our quarters. Supposed to be thinking of games thingy, but ahhh.. fuck care liao la.. guess everyone is tired. Heh. One of the most hectic camp i’ve been to, problems here and there… though small small, all of them is enough to make me :S. Ahhhh. […]


Somethings are just so… difficult to forget. Ever thought about someone once you see/hear something? Kindda like… associate that thing with that someone..? *I don’t plan to make this an emo entry. Just some of my feelings.* Though, i don’t want to forget, but i’m forced to think. Everytime a certain song play. Or rather, […]

Back to work.

Having a break now since my game server under maintainence. Heh. Was checking out chu xiang’s blog. Actually…. All the things we went through, still seems so fun. Though we have been laughing about it just 2 days ago, even now when i think about it, it never fail to put a smile on my […]

Total Shag-ness.

Yes, i know i’ve been blogging about the ambassador camp yst, but… it’s just.. those short and sweet entries.. Gonna start on a full blown account.. heh! Well, i think i’m…. a pure bastard in the camp. Heh! Just because i know most of the seniors liao… so… i acted like a senior in the […]

Ambassador Camp

Currently using marvin’s labby to update… ( Thanks 😉 ) First day of ambassador camp, one think i gotta say. FOOD. Man, astro camp should learn from this. We have a meal every 2 hours interval, buffet style. OMFG MAN. Good food! Chio bus all around, good welfare! Wahahhaa!!! One thing bad is that, have […]


Long hiatus for me! Well.. kindda.. long…? Since i blog almost everyday. Exams gone, holidays came. And i was just packing up for Ambassador camp tml. Ah… I should be sleeping already actually, so i’ll make this short ba.. Span of 5 days. Actually quite a lot of things happened. When drinking with astro peeps. […]