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Exams? Heh.

I’m FREAKING tired, so i’ll keep it short.

Exams on this sat, next monday, thursday and fri.

And i haven touched a single thing.

Congrats me. I know.

Didn’t really slept well on tuesday night – Lao da’s birthday.

Went over his house, drank a little with alvin.. was planning to get the rest drunk.. well.. they kindda got a bit drunk -.-.

Pia to school in the morning, was in totally shag-ness for the whole day. Yeah. Sorry if i seemed… to be in a bad mood.

Whatever it is, no more excuses. I’m starting tml. Macdonalds..?

*Just received an sms from KPT*

May you, after eating the dumplings, be as courageous, upright and patriotic as Chu Yuan.

Thanks cher. Really.

For all the teachers who thinks highly of me, I’ll strive hard. I will.

Emel, i know you are reading this.

Wait for me up there yeah? I’m getting into the director’s list this sem. 🙂

Let’s work hard together guys.

Been long sinced i left a msg here. For someone. Whatever’s the case. Study hard. Work hard. Strive well. Persevere….

I’m just a phone call away. Always…

Take care of youself.. and your exams.

Gone! Need plentiful of sleep. I’m working hard tml 🙂

“If faith is what you need, i’ll give you mine…”


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