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Monthly Archives: November 2006

Red Camp OEI!

Red camp OEI! I’m so busy recently. Ahhh.. i think it’s okie. No one visits here already anyway. Lol! Anyway, best if no one visits le. So i can be more transparent about the things i blog.. right? Ha.. Okie. I’m digressing. Shall be back on topic. I’m super busy recently! Red camp is a […]

Uber sick!

My Medicine.. along with my trustworthy strepils.. I’m really sick! To the extend, anything i swallow will result in excruciating pain! Ahhhhhh! Someone kill me! Firstly thought it’s nothing big. Rest a while will heal.. but it gets worst and worst… ( I specially cleared annual leave yesterday, skipping gan ma’s lesson just to stay […]

Honey Water…

Lo and behold! I tell you. This is the BEST honey water i’ve ever drank! ( Not to mention weird… contained in a peanut butter container! Ha! ) The design student who gave me this told me this is creativity… and wow! She’s good! Even can be inspired from a mere peanut butter container! You […]


My performance. Up this thursday and friday at atrium.. No confidence though. C’oz i sang badly last practice. Lol.. Well, thats about it. *Edited. The link now works. They took it down to make some changes…* “If faith is what you need, i’ll give you mine…”r3gular.

Good Boy

I want to be a good boy. Really. I tried… … to find alternatives when i don’t have the program to hand up the assignment ( due at 2359 later.. )… And when i don’t have the program for that module, i switched to start on ANOTHER module. And then, i realised.. i don’t have […]


I recorded my singing. Song by Li Sheng Jie. For those interested, can download it here Don’t mind the bad quality… and my singing -.-“.. I just felt like doing it. Lol. “If faith is what you need, i’ll give you mine…”r3gular.

Another longggg time no blog.

It took me so long.. to transfer to this bloody new beta blogger ( and also to blog la.. ) Sorry guys! ( If you guys have been checking back… ) So, reasons for my disappearing act? 1) Was caught up with the DVD fever once again.. watching legend of condor heros.. “GuGu~” “Guo Er~~” […]

Satisfying day!

I tell you. Today is one of the most satisfying day man! I watched 2 movies in a row, for $5! Lol! Went to cathay to watch.. and because of some *ehem* methods… we got to watch 2 movies.. for $5! Lolx.. very cheapo and uncle. I know. Nvm la. I’m one anyway. So, the […]