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Monthly Archives: December 2006


Small update before i Zzzz.. I’m really lacking of sleep ( but that’s not the point of this entry…).. Hate the coldness these few days.. where has my sunshine gone too! I’m beginning to miss times when we can sing 太阳公公起床了… -.-“… Ahhh… In the midst of the festive seasons, it’s been overnight parties and […]

Merlion?!? HA!!

.·´¯`·->[ËmïLÿ]so cute.·´¯`·->[ËmïLÿ]drawing ah you .·´¯`·->[ËmïLÿ]lol[林 汉 良] +|M3 W!|| H34| 3v3Ry+H!n9… My house tradition… broken – Emily Ee! writes:[林 汉 良] +|M3 W!|| H34| 3v3Ry+H!n9… My house tradition… broken – Emily Ee! says:ROAR![林 汉 良] +|M3 W!|| H34| 3v3Ry+H!n9… My house tradition… broken – Emily Ee! says:lol .·´¯`·->[ËmïLÿ]wa… you merlion ma? [林 汉 良] +|M3 […]

S’up guys!

Lapse of 10 days. So what have i been doing? Lots of things la. For the 1st time in my life, i continously lost at mahjong 2 times in a row. Raking up to $40 for the 2 times. Fierce wor! Dunno what the hell happened. I don’t usually lose at mahjong! So yeah. I’m […]

They are taking the hobbits to Isengard!

LOL! I tell you.. i really tio pwn by this. This is so DAMN funny la! Nice laughing break from studying! Haha!!! Ho…ho..ho..ho… hobbi… hobbitss.. to I..i..i…Isen…Isengard! “If faith is what you need, i’ll give you mine…”r3gular.


I calculated.. It took me 5 damn minutes to get to this page. And it freaking hanged on me at the login page. I had to refresh.. Damn blogger. Ahhh.. Nvm. I’m that bored ( and tired ) to endure the #$%^&*() process of blogger loading.. I must be desperate -.-“.. So anyway, confirm that […]

Stars Awards..

Studious Robin Studying! Ahhh. I’m so bored with studying… to the extended that i actually endured the turtle loading speed of blogger in order to type this really i-don’t-know-what’s-the-point-in-this-entry entry. Ha. Incoherent! Oh well, half ( or rather, most ) of my entries are incoherent entries anyway.. Haha… ( Just bear with me la people. […]

Condoms ‘too big’ for Indian men

Hear THIS on the radio this morning and i went to checked it out.. Ha! Ownage! Haha!! And i especially love this phrase! It’s not size, it’s what you do with it that matters Sunil Mehra HAHA!!!!! Hmmmm.. i do wonder, what is the international standard anyway. Hahahaha! ** On the side note, IPT was […]

Lousy attempt to blog. -.-"

I really want to change a blog host soon. I hate the current blogger. Loads like a turtle! Anyway, i’m supposed to be studying now.. but yeah. I’m practically doing everything other then studying. >.. Jia you! ( Drawn by Wai Ting. Thanks! 🙂 ) Oh yeah. Someone is coming back from KL today. Someone’s […]

Kuching Kolo Mee!

I had Kuching Kolo Mee today! Shall type more about it again. I’m pretty pissed with blogger. I really feel like writing them a very angry letter. It was fine.. until the stupid blogger beta came. It takes ages to load now. It’s crap. They made blogger become crap already. I might be switching to […]

Red Camp OEI! 2

Red Camp Oei! Finally some rest after the camp! Woohoo! The first red camp i’ve ever served… and it’s fun! Our team red video! Ha! Nvm if you don’t guys get it. -.-“ Ahh… 3 days worth of red camp… even myself got to know ngee ann better… Like… my first time stepping into nursing […]