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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Shanghai : 6 months.

This is my last day in Singapore for the next 6 months. I’m leaving… Leaving this city which has my friendly “brother” as the key icon for Singapore. My “brother” Leaving this place where i grew up in… Leaving the place where it’s safe to reach home at 3-4am… The place where everything is clean […]

Someone’s sick!

Someone is VERY SICK but still refuses to stay at home and rest! I am so very de upset.  Sick until cannot talk liao. Tomorrow still want to go work? Haiz. I really dunno what to say, other then sigh. My words turned a deaf ear anyway. Whatever it is, take care of yourself. That’s […]


I realised… There’s a lot of changes made to my life now. Purposely-made changes. By myself. Like… I’m changing everything i can about my life. An example, i opted to go to shanghai myself when i can stay in singapore ( my comfort zone ) .. and get a higher pay at that. Another example, […]

Series of events..

Sorry for procastination! Been wanting to blog for a loooooong time ( and yes, people have been bugging me to blog ), but kept getting held up with things, events and other stuff. Really really busy this CNY! Lots of things to settle, lots of things to put in place before i leave Singapore. I […]

Chinese New Year

I’m so so so so so SOOOOOOOOOOO BORED!!!!!!! This is by far the most unhappening CNY EVER. Why? Because i didn’t go relative’s house to gamble bai nian. I didn’t go malaysia to gamble bai nian. I didn’t go ANYWHERE to gamble bai nian! Reason is because my passport is currently locked in the China […]

I’ve shifted!

I’ve shifted guys. Will no longer be updating here! Think i’ll just let the blog sit here ba.. CLICK HERE to go to my new site ba. Cya guys there! “If faith is what you need, i’ll give you mine…”r3gular.

I’ve shifted!

Woohoo! Finally! Though i’m still trying to get use to wordpress, but i’m generally happier here then at blogger. Firstly, i like the format of the whole wordpress thingy. Much more refreshing! And…. aiya.. dunno la. Maybe a change is good for me! Haven been blogging recently. Finally, Exams are over! Sorry. Allow me to […]

Exam… stress..?

I’m just trying to show concern. That hard? I don’t like to be compared with the rest. Ahhhh.. Didn’t begin the day with very good mood to start with. Slept at 7am, woke up at 2.40pm. Freaking hungry, jio-ed princess down to makan. Came back home after lunch to slack for a while, went to […]


I’m gonna study. Before all my friends starts to… 1) WOW! Eat wrong medicine?2) WTF. You okay Robin?3) WOOHOO! TIO 4D THIS WEDNESDAY LIAO!4) *Gives me the skeptical look* .. may i remind you guys ( and as well as myself ) that i do have something to account to myself. I have to break […]

Operation: Throw!

Woohoo! Finally a day that i can stay at home and do housekeeping! ( Can’t believe it’s coming from me -.-.. ) Purposely didn’t want to have anything on today ( except acer serviceman coming to fix my labby.. this one can’t be helped what! ) so i can finally get my stuff done.. and […]