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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Bloody hell!

As if my keyboard wasn’t bad enough… Now i can’t use my Singapore SIM card. Was trying to check my sms on my Singapore no yesterday when i realised that my Singapore SIM card is spoilt. KNN!… Dunno what the hell happened. Now i’m crippled. My emergency SIM card is spoilt. Bloody hell… First keyboard, […]

Damn Acer!

Bloody hell! My keyboard spoilt again!. I’m typing with my compnay keyboard now, stolen borrowed from some colleague who’s outstationed. KNN!!!

My Chemical Romance – The Sharpest Lives

My Chemical Romance “The Sharpest Lives” Well it rains and it pours When you’re out on your own If I crash on the couch Can I sleep in my clothes? ‘Cause I’ve spent the night dancing I’m drunk, I suppose If it looks like I’m laughing I’m really just asking to leave This alone, you’re […]

Breaking Season?

Tmd. The moment i left for china, so many things happened in Singapore. To my two brothers: Sorry, couldn’t be there for you guys. The news came so sudden and shocking. Take care and don’t think too much yeah? …

6 things about weirdo me…

Thanks to The person who is only 4 years older then me but made herself sounded like she’s an old hag , i’m being tagged so i have to use company resources to do this weird meme ( Heh! ). >.<… oh well.. I’m not secretly loving this. The weird rules These are the rules: […]

How stable are your relationships?

My friend told me he broke up with his girlfriend yesterday. It happened 2 days ago.. and i think he’s been trying to chat with me since that day, but i was busy at work. The news shocked me. He who seems ‘quite stable’ with his gf will end up in a situation like this. […]

Hello: Shanghai

After being in Shanghai for a week, being so bored the adventurous few… we ventured into the unknown and walked around town.. It’s a posed shot la.. it’s not THAT boring at office.. at least i have my laptop and internet connection… :)… Anyway… Went to town and saw this. Raffles City! Woohoo! Capital land […]


Saw Lex’s blog.. and thought i’ll try it. Woah! The results turned out to be sooooo true! It’s almost scary! Try it Here . Colorgenics At this time you are feeling ‘uptight’ and you are urgently in need of rest and relaxation; but perhaps even more than that you need to overcome that feeling that […]

Hugh Grant – Don’t write me off.

Hugh Grant – Don’t Write Me Off It’s never been easy for me To find words to go along with a melody But this time there’s actually something on my mind So please forgive these few brief awkward lines Since I met you my whole life has changed It’s not just my furniture you’ve re-arranged I […]

Hello: OIAP

This is about the first time in my life, going so far away from home. This is also my first time in my life, staying away from home for 6 months.   The journey started with the few above, the few surviving soldiers left from the whole army of friends, who said they wanted to […]