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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Dick caught in zipper.

This is fucking hilarious. Despite Gerard’s protest, I knelt down, brushed his hands away and tried to survey the extent of the damage. I could hear the other guys sniggering away. The poor fellow has got a teeny piece of foreskin caught in his zipper. The zipper could neither go up nor down then. Ouch! […]


Losing. What’s left of my facades? What’s left of the real me? And what’s the thing that still wills my heart to continue beating? I walked the streets, searching for purpose. Failed to see, shrouded in darkness. Cried my soul, hoping for an angel. Where are you, that i seek? Sometimes i wish, I won’t […]

Telemarketer Pranks..

This guy is si bei good. He pulled this entirely impromptu stunt on those telemarketers who call you up every time to make you go down to their company to listen to some talks. Wahahahahahahhaha.. Even made them say which company they from, where they used to study… and kept dragging the telemarketer off topic […]

Better late then never.

Almost 2 and a half years ago, I stepped into Ngee Ann not knowing what awaits me. What will I do? What can i expect from poly life? What kind of people is in my class? Seriously speaking, I never took much notice of Clarence the first time I stepped into the classroom, even though […]

Janice Wei – Love Me Accapella

Janice Wei – Love Me Accapella Wish you’d bring me candies when i feel lonely Dream that you were my husband-to-be In 365 all i ask is one, Name it after me Wish you’d write my name on your favourite palm tree Look in my eyes, love is all you can see Night and day […]

Saviour of Mankind…

To those people pretending to be busy at work… or those who’s mindlessly surfing the internet with no aim in mind… or those who’s been hitting F5 nonstop on my your friend’s blog, hoping for a new entry… Fret no more! Introduction…. … The Saviour of Mankind…….. … … … … … … … … […]

Never let you go ( Canto Version ) – Janice

卫兰 – 大哥 如果兄妹相称太多醒不起喜欢我 快研究和我这异性拍拖 讹称知己的真太多 当女共男未变爱侣 不吻过自然没结果 没有好感怎会相亲相爱大哥只是掩饰 能做对爱侣堕落成朋友谁心息 我要爱情不需要登对不需得你允许 兄妹真有趣不需要分居忘记辈份再追 我要爱情摧毁世交也不失一个壮举 相恋的证据假使要争取唯有约定和大哥喝醉 mu…….wo…o 曾经双手执一柄枪 想逼供你一趟 我和你无爱谁没有试想 如果恋爱必须创伤 想你亦明白到我俩 需开心都也受救伤 没有好感怎会相亲相爱大哥只是掩饰 能做对爱侣堕落成朋友谁心息 我要爱情不需要登对不需得你允许 兄妹真有趣不需要分居忘记辈份再追 我要爱情摧毁世交也不失一个壮举 相恋的证据假使要争取唯有约定和大哥喝醉 a…wu…ye..碍 我要爱情不需要登对不需得你允许 兄妹真有趣不需要分居忘记辈份再追 我要爱情摧毁世交也不失一个壮举 相恋的证据假使要争取唯有约定和大哥喝醉 I posted an entry about the english version before. What do you think? I think the canto version is nicer. Download the canto […]

Back to basics – Watching Teewee

I haven been working much at home recently. It’s been so long since I last sat down in front of the TV on a regular basis to watch TV serials. Imagine my expression when I saw THIS showing on China TV… Woohoo! THIS show is full of actors i know! Think it was aired a […]

The taste of home.

I finally cooked my first meal yesterday. Not those throw-ingredient-into-pot-and-wait-for-it-to-boil kind. Those meal with dishes. Been procrastinating the plan to cook for so long, simply because it’s such a hassle…. and eating out saves us so much time and effort. Ahhh.. The taste of home. Taste exactly like the dishes i ate at home. Maybe […]


I’m searching for a place to move. Coming to think of it, I’ve been jumping around a lot, from my first few blogs at Blogger, to the recently WordPress. I love wordpress! However, there are limitations to what i can do in wordpress. For example, I can’t whore my blog. ( I so wanted to.. […]