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Monthly Archives: June 2007

The sacred namelist…

The sacred namelist…. (1) Wilson 6/13/2007 10:36:11 PM FrEnDZzzz FoR3V3R…..{!!<^>BP–Kíªz&<^>!!}….The Phantom Of The Opera says: me now and clement saving money for u liao FrEnDZzzz FoR3V3R…..{!!<^>BP–Kíªz&<^>!!}….The Phantom Of The Opera says: haha u know de lah FrEnDZzzz FoR3V3R…..{!!<^>BP–Kíªz&<^>!!}….The Phantom Of The Opera says: lol ur job to drink FrEnDZzzz FoR3V3R…..{!!<^>BP–Kíªz&<^>!!}….The Phantom Of The Opera says: […]

The secret Within…

Create your own Friend Test here Everyone’s doing it, so I made one too. How well do you know me? Click on the picture to do my test… or simply click here. Edit: This is so cruel. How I know how many people really knows me. 😦


(via) 在第十届上海国际电影节上,周杰伦算是一个大热招牌明星,继电影节开幕上火热亮相之后,6月21日,周杰伦再度重返上海滩,这一次他不仅带来了自己执导的首部电影作品《不能说的秘密》的最新消息,还为大家带来了影片中头号女主角桂纶镁。 周傑倫和“初戀女友”桂綸鎂以一身學生打扮亮相。 (via) 燈光亮起,帷幕拉開,一群身著片中校服的中學生在現場的鋼琴伴奏下輕唱老情歌《情人的眼淚》,這就是周傑倫自編 自導自演、即將於7月底上映的影片《不能說的秘密》于昨日(21日)舉行的發佈會開場。周傑倫和“初戀女友”桂綸鎂也以一身學生打扮亮相,可能因為是自己 執導的首部電影,所以周傑倫十分賣力宣傳,除了對“不能說出的秘密”賣起了關子之外,對其他提問都是有問必答,而且妙語連珠,令在場的媒體全都滿意離去。 I actually read all those chinese text! !!!!!! Jay is shooting his first ever movie as director! The movie will be aired around ending July I think. Which means, I won’t be able to catch it on the cinema! 😦 如果一個畫面把我拍得很好看,女主角不好看,那麼我會配合女主角再表演一次。不過剪接時我還是會選我比較好看的那條,這就是當導演的特權啊。 Wakakkakaka… Read more about it here ( […]

The great Firewa11 of Ch1na

Question: How many great walls does China have? Ans: Two. Great wall of china.     Great firewall of China. Images Source: sploosh37 Cowboy Caleb came over to China and verified that flickr is indeed, blocked by china. That damned firewall left me flying blind for quite a while. Apparently, this is cooking up a […]

What’s wrong with this picture?

(via) This is very interesting… What’s wrong with this picture?

Stop thinking.

Someone cares Someone don’t. Images etched So strongly in my mind. Stop thinking, I shouted. and yet my voice is hoarse my strength is weak. Painful playing non-stop haunting me everywhere. the very broken movie filming in my mind. If you don’t care, neither should I. We should really, never meet again. Stop thinking, and […]

I feel lousy.

Might be affected by the things which is happening around me currently. Everything around me just doesn’t seems right. And it’s making me feel very irritated. Very, very, very, irritated. And to think I thought this won’t happen in Shanghai. Heh! Apparantly, I was so wrong. I don’t know. Why do such things to your […]

Song Dedication.

Because Cowboy and Clement both said that I’m going to hell, I’ve decided to dedicate a song to everyone. Hey, We’re all going to hell! = ) My Chemical Romance “Mama” Mama, we all go to hell. Mama, we all go to hell. I’m writing this letter and wishing you well, Mama, we all go […]

I know you are reading this.

So… what?

Let. People. Have. Their. Beliefs.

Waffles shared an youtube video while commenting on my previous entry about questions for your pastors Disclaimer: Oh, This is again quite sensitive, so don’t click the link or the play button below if you are easily offended. I thought the content of the video wasn’t very good however, there is something which I think […]