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The great Firewa11 of Ch1na

Question: How many great walls does China have?

Ans: Two.

Great wall of china.



Great firewall of China.

Images Source: sploosh37

Cowboy Caleb came over to China and verified that flickr is indeed, blocked by china.

That damned firewall left me flying blind for quite a while.

Apparently, this is cooking up a very big storm in China.

Reports after reports like this and this can be found easily on any search engine easily just by typing “flickr blocked in china”.

Hey, even my lecturer knows about this and warned us not to post anything stupid ( Heh… )


I was left scratching my hair and clawing my own throat after trying the bypass flickr add-on Jaywalk recommended earlier, because it doesn’t work for me and I’m still unable to view pictures.

And then…

Ever heard of “When there’s a will, there’s a way?”

Apparently, Jaywalk went a step further, did some research and volia! A new solution to the problem.

Still keeping my fingers crossed, I installed the program and did the necessary configurations..


Woohoo! It works!

Hail to Jaywalk!

No more irritating white blanks on my webpages! = )

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