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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Questions for your pastor

*Disclaimer: I do not belong to any religion and have absolutely nothing against any religion. All that was written here is solely of my personal view. This is rather religion sensitive ( I feel ), Don’t read if you are easily offended.* Questions your pastor will hate I remember asking why the Bible, a book […]

No more wasting weekends…

I’m going to stop wasting my weekends doing nothing staying at home from now on. Counting down, I’m left with minimum time until the end of my attachment. And that, we have more or less settled on the return date to Singapore. And yet, there is still so much places to go, so many things […]


Our eyes matched and the smiles returned. We downed our cups and overturned. She came by and sat down. And i hesitated. ** What is still there for me to worry about? 我在怕什么? I wonder.

The Machine is Us.

I thought this is really well done.

I think I’m crazy.

I sat down there in the rain until the drizzle stopped, staring into blank.

English MTVs

Was watching youtube videos just now, to keep myself from falling asleep from the over-heavy lunch. *burppppp* And then I realised, English songs MTV are often better shot as compared to chinese MTV. I wonder why? Here one which i feel, is quite good. And then, i got hooked onto My Chemical Romance’s MTV and […]

Bumming around.

I’m gonna bum around at office for the whole of today. Just getting sick of all the work and wanted some break. Maybe I’ll read comics online. *** Ok. I’m going out for lunch, and a fellow intern just irritated me. *** Edit: I’m back. Continue task of bumming around.

Flying Blind.

I was overjoyed just now when i was able to view my blog header just now. And yes, I’ve been as flying blind as Jaywalk since we are both in spitland ( aka China ). Reason for the block is because of an unprecedented environmental protest carried out last week in southern China’s seaside Xiamen […]

Some people actually do care…

Extract of MSN Conversation. Friend: I’m just angry. Friend: if u care, y cant u juz say it out Friend: why do u have to hide it Friend: i juz dun get it Me: this one i can say Me: it’s not in the nature of ALL to verbally express out feelings Me: not even […]

Being a wife…

I’ll wait for my husband and eat with him, sit by him and watch him work, maybe i’ll play PSP. Hahahaha. And then, be there for him when he’s sad or boss scold him and make him laugh with my so adorable face. How will you feel if a girl tells you this…? Hmmmmm….