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Monthly Archives: August 2007

I’m backed!

After dunno how many hours of crazy back-patting on each other and endless suppers, I’m back at home to where i can finally rest. Haven got a good rest for a very long time and I’m gonna start on a hectic job tomorrow. You know, I have a lot of things i wanted to blog […]


My wife… just died. She served me well, went through rain and shine with me. She (almost) never left my side. She was the one listening to my woes when I was down.. She was the one caring for me when I needed care and concern.. She was the one with me through the end… […]

Hong Kong.

I’m in Hong Kong now, putting up at a friend’s place. Just went on the streets to window shop, ate Krispy Kremes for the first time in my life ( Ohhhh, so heavenly ).. Ate those (delicious) road-side stall stuff… and came back home to play XBOX 360 and WII with friends. Life can’t get […]

Some people just don’t learn…

.. don’t they?


Caught this yesterday night at the cinema.I know, I know! About the whole world have caught it already! :S Jay Chou’s directorial debut. This is the first day Lun admitted to Tamkang Secondary School. When he walks through the campus with his classmates, a mysterious piano solo draws his attention. He follows the song and […]

I don’t like it.

Why do someone like forcing their own ideas onto other people?

20 Things I Learned From Tech Support

20 Things I Learned From Tech Support As long as the world turns, users will still have problems Substance abusers and computer operators are the only folks called users. This isn’t by chance When in doubt. Reboot Sooner or later you will meet a person who types out the words “backslash” or forgets to plug […]

Protected: Travel: Right place, Wrong company.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Travelling 3

I’m currently at an expensive restaurant in suzhou just because I want to blog and clear some spider webs off my blog and they provides free internet access. See! I’m so good to my readers! The past week’s been really a hectic week. I’ll need some time to arrange my photos and thoughts. Meanwhile, here’s […]

Travelling 2…

Great. Now I’m at a lanshop in Hangzhou WITH usb slots, but I’ve forgotten to bring my thumbdrive along, with all the photos and videos inside. I’m getting smarter everyday, really. -_-“. Just came back from Huang Shan. The scenery and view there is GODLY. I have breaktaking photos and videos of sunset and sunrise […]