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Travelling 2…


Now I’m at a lanshop in Hangzhou WITH usb slots, but I’ve forgotten to bring my thumbdrive along, with all the photos and videos inside.

I’m getting smarter everyday, really. -_-“.

Just came back from Huang Shan. The scenery and view there is GODLY. I have breaktaking photos and videos of sunset and sunrise ( but i can’t post them now. KNS! ) to share!

It’s damn highly recommend to visit there at least once. I’m gonna bring my future girlfriend here if there’s a chance~~~. Ha!

Covered Hai Ni, Hang Zhou and Huang Shan for the past few days. Really, travelling is so enriching.. 🙂

Ok, I’m going back to suzhou tomorrow, where internet access is available to me. Will be uploading the pictures tomorrow to do some serious blogging.

Check back soon oh!

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  1. jodeline
    Posted August 11, 2007 at 11:18 am | Permalink

    hey hey
    how ya doing? still rmb me?
    very long nv check ur blog alrdy
    n den i realise time passes really fast
    had been real bz recently
    exam coming!!!!
    so gd that u are travelling now haha
    so envy u
    faster post up those nice pic
    take care!

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