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Travelling 3

I’m currently at an expensive restaurant in suzhou just because I want to blog and clear some spider webs off my blog and they provides free internet access. See! I’m so good to my readers!

The past week’s been really a hectic week. I’ll need some time to arrange my photos and thoughts. Meanwhile, here’s the top 10 crazy things I did for the past 1 week.

1) I slept in a room with no air-con, fan or ventilation of any sorts, with the windows and doors all closed for one night. The only furniture the (small) room have was 3 beds and a hanging lightbulb as our light source.

2) I climbed a mountain without doing any training of any sorts before scaling the mountain. The mountain was 1860m above sea level. And oh, I was periodically carrying a backpack about 12-15kg in weight.

3) I paid extra 50RMB (on top of the amount I paid to get to the mountain) to sleep in the corridor of a hotel in order to catch sunrise and sunset at the peak of the mountain. It wasn’t that bad though, we had mattress, pillows and blankets provided.

4) I cursed and sweared every single profanity I can think of when I saw the sky full of stars and the milky way right on top of the mountain. And oh, I was jumping around like an idiot as well.

5) I climbed over a fenced off area, up a series of rocks and up to a cliff to take pictures of the sunrise. Somehow, I wriggled my way through the crowd and was at the end of the cliff where I can get the best view of the sunrise. One wrong footing and I’ll go tumbling down the cliff, 1860m above sea level.

6) We sneaked 3 people into a hotel room meant for 2. Whenever we have to leave the room for meals or other stuffs, one person have to leave first, followed by the other two 5-10mins later.

7) I played national day songs from my handphone mp3s and sang them loudly when I came down from the mountain ( which happens to be national day on that day )

8 ) I sat on a TRAVEL bus which drove us up the mountain and witness the TRAVEL bus cornering the hairpin turn at high-speed. He can definitely pwn takumi hands-down A-N-Y-T-I-M-E.

9) I stood for 3 hours on the train reading a book on my way back to suzhou, after doing feat 2). I almost couldn’t feel my legs after that.

10) We talked, bargained and did whatever we could and got up the mountain (all the way to the peak) spending only 600+ RMB each. The normal price could go up to 1500+ RMB per pax easily.

There you go, think you can do better?

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  1. Posted August 29, 2007 at 6:39 pm | Permalink

    Wah kao! I would really love to see some stars…

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