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Daily Archives: September 7th, 2007

Music Videos

Was browsing MVs on Youtube because I can’t get to sleep. I have been getting some serious insomnia lately. Wth is happening to me?!?!? Anyway, I was browsing MVs when i came across this one. [Youtube=] JJ Lin – Killer | Sha Shou 杀手 绝对的完美一双手 不流汗也不发抖 交叉在微笑的背后 暗藏危险的轮廓 在你最放松的时候 绝不带着任何感情就下手 从来不回头 开始的感觉 不会痛 不会痛 放大的瞳孔 […]

About Mobile blogging..

Been doing some tests so as to allow me to blog on the go. From now on, I can blog almost anywhere! Woohoo! You know, there are times when a sudden thing hits you and you so badly want to blog about it.. but when you reach home, you just can’t recall what was the […]

Mobile blogging 2, take 2!

Blogging on the Go! By: r3gular Second try! Need to get rid of the irritating codes!