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Daily Archives: September 26th, 2007


连哭都是我的错 东来东往 分手到底是不是你要的结果 给不了我太多还不准我难过 不知道是为了什么 还要把你无力的爱记得那么多 怎么放手 也许上天安排你我擦身而过 我明白和你的爱不可能会有结果 你留下泛黄的承诺 要我抱着你的双手流着泪不准你走 说我贱也无话可说 连哭都是我的错 在你面前还要我怎么做 我看见你们拥抱还一笑而过 沉默是我的错 连哭都是我的错 空房间独自等待着日落 爱没有进入身体就已经太执着 爱你是我错连结束也是我的错 * 连哭都是我的错 在你面前还要我怎么做 我看见你们拥抱还一笑而过 沉默是我的错 Advertisements

Mentally tired.

Finally, the life I’m leading has taken a toll on my body. Maybe not physically but rather mentally. No amount of sleep seems to be enough for me. Maybe, the human body does not rejuvenate itself better when you sleep in the morning to the afternoon. * Which comes back to the point… … Why […]

A Meaningful Story.

My friend told me this. There was a farmer who harvest corns for a living. On day, he asked his son over to his side and said to his son, “Son, I want you to go to the field and pick out the corns which you think are the most good-looking and well-packaged and bring […]