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A Meaningful Story.

My friend told me this.

    There was a farmer who harvest corns for a living.
    On day, he asked his son over to his side and said to his son, “Son, I want you to go to the field and pick out the corns which you think are the most good-looking and well-packaged and bring them to me. You have a time limit of 2 hours, so do not waste your time.”
    The son then dutifully went into the fields to pick out the corns. He looked around and found a corn which fits the criteria. He picked it up and continue moving.
    Soon after, he saw another corn which better fit the criteria. He threw away the first corn in this hand and picked up the second corn.
    Continuing walking, the son then set his eyes on yet another better fitting criteria corn. He threw away the second corn and picked up the third.
    The son then went around the field in search of corns which fit the criteria. When the time limit was up, he returned to his father, carrying a whole bunch of corns in his hands.
    “Very good son! Now, I’ll need you to go to the field again and this time, help me look for just a corn without worms in the core. You do not have a time limit for this.”, said the father.
    The son, upon hearing the farmer’s request, went back into the fields in search for the corn.
    Firstly, he picked up a corn which seems to look good on the outside. However, upon checking, he realised that there were worms in the core of the corn. He tossed it away and went in search again for the corn.
    The second corn he picked up looked even better then the first. However, there were too, worm holes in the corn.
    Tossing it away, the farmer’s son started searching for the corn again, determined to find it.
    After a very long, the farmer saw his son running towards him. The son proudly told his father that he had found the corn which fits the criteria and placed in his father’s hands, a rather plain looking corn.
    Proud of his son, the farmer told his son, “Son, treat the good-looking and well-packaged corns as your girlfriends. They are pretty, good-looking and well-packaged, but they don’t usually are the kinds you look for as a partner for your life. That’s the reason why you are given 2 hours to look for them.”
    “Treat the plain looking corn as your wife. It may not be good-looking, it may just be a rather plain looking corn, but at the very least, it has a clean core. For this if you realised, you aren’t given a time limit to find this particular corn and u actually took a lot longer time to search for this one corn. That’s why, you are given your entire lifetime to just search for the right person.”

How true, eh?



  1. ivengle
    Posted September 26, 2007 at 1:44 am | Permalink

    how true is it?…its true bro, tml we go makan corn and find out…this one is on me…

  2. Posted September 26, 2007 at 1:54 am | Permalink

    Haha… Ok ok~

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