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Monthly Archives: October 2007

原来 – 林俊杰

原来 林俊杰 街灯绊住我眼前 下一步 拉长的影子 嘲弄的回顾 电话亭仍留着你的话 一句话掉一滴泪 今晚的我会是如何入睡 原来最疼痛的表情竟是没有情绪 原来最残忍的画面可以甜言蜜语 我不懂得如何更爱你 影子讽刺地跟着我难分难离 原来最孤单的是我还是那么想你 原来最悲哀的是我不能面对自己 你收的干净 我也会不留一点痕迹 说故事也要像是真的 可是别触动那些回忆 今夜你说了最后一句 一句话掉一滴泪 看来今晚的我很难入睡 * 原来最孤单的是我还是那么想你 原来最悲哀的是我不能面对自己 你收的干净 我也会不留一点痕迹


I don’t bloody think I deserve all this shits you people are giving me.

Why am I putting in so much effort?

Imagine yourself on your bed, feeling as if you are dying. You head is spinning, you feel very nausea and sometimes, you can’t really breathe very well. And then, while you are trying to get some sleep, your phone just keep ringing at intervals. *** Sometimes, I just don’t understand why I’m putting so much […]


I’m feeling nauseous now. Must be the lack of sleep? Hmmmm… I’m contemplating if I should make myself vomit. Edit @ 10.50pm: I just made myself vomit. Feeling better, but still dizzy. I can feel my face and eyes burning. A fever is definitely coming. And oh, I need to finish the business proposal due […]

Another sleepless night.

I’m sipping on hot tea now. It’s almost 1am in the morning now. I have classes at 10am later on. Gonna start on my business proposal which needs to be submitted by tomorrow ( tuesday ). Another day without sleep again, I guess. P/S: VI3 was fun! Everyone was fun and friendly, with this being […]

Virgin Halloween Party – VI3

I’m going for my first ever halloween party tomorrow! And today, at the eve of the party, I’m still scratching my head thinking of what am I going to wear tomorrow… HOW!!!!

My lunchhhhhh~!

SMS Grace: “Are you like sitting in 184 now. Wearing a black jacket.” Me: *looks around me* “Where are you?” Grace: “Like right behind you. LOL! I cut my hair dat’s why you didn’t recognise me ma.” *** -_-. Oie Grace! You still owe me lunch hor! LOL!

The Heart Never Lies – Mcfly

Mcfly “The Heart Never Lies” Some people laugh, some people cry Some people live, some people die Some people run, right into the fire Some people hide their every desire But we are the lovers If you don’t believe me Then just look into my eyes ’cause the heart never lies Some people fight, some […]


I actually woke up in the middle of the night to read up on lectures notes for the next day. Wow.

School’s starting!

This marks the end of my work at the airport. Actually, I like working in the airport. It’s refreshing to see so many different people from different countries and different backgrounds. You get a chance to talk to them and learn something new from them. ( Minus the kpkb supervisors ) It’s not like everyone […]