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Daily Archives: October 7th, 2007

Birthday Wish.

I just had another cake with my family members. When it was time for the wish, I made the same wish again. So, a total of 3 cakes, 1 birthday wish. They say, 3 is the magical number. Let’s see which is more magical. My special corn or the magic number 3. * My birthday […]


我知道伤心不能改变什么 那么让我诚实一点 诚实难免有不能控制的宣泄 只有关上了门不必理谁 一个人坐在空的包厢里面 手机让它休息一夜 难,想切割切掉回忆的画面 眼泪不能流过十二点 生日快乐 我对自己说 蜡烛点了 寂寞亮了 生日快乐 泪也融了 我要谢谢你给的你拿走的一切 还爱你的一点恨 还要时间 才能平衡 热恋伤痕 画面重生 祝我生日快乐 * I’m 19. The past last year was eventful. I’ve learnt, laughed, cried and did lots of silly stuff which I never thought I’ll do. Doesn’t really feel much different. But yet, this year’s […]