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Keeping myself real busy.

I just reached home.

In about 1 and a half hours more, I’m gonna have to start my new day, fully packed with events.

Sounds very crazy.

Sometimes, I just loathe being so busy, having no time for yourself and friends.

But I’ve been deliberately keeping myself busy recently. I don’t even allow myself to wonder into thoughts when I’m alone by myself. I’ll actually start reading a book when i’m free (eg, Bus/train rides ).

Kind of surprised by myself actually.

Didn’t really know the exact reason for the change, but I’m intending to keep it that way. Makes me do more constructive stuff then just wonder around in my thoughts.


People have been asking me about my special corn actually. Do you guys the meaning of still searching? Meaning still don’t have la!

And to those who knows what’s going on in my life now, thanks for your concerns, but I’ll appreciate it if you guys could stop mentioning the *ehem*name*ehem* in front of me.

I’m trying to forget, Just help me with it kay? 🙂


Very long day ahead. Oh well, looking on the bright side, at least I’m meeting a friend I haven’t seen for a long time for lunch today. :).


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