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What makes you a good leader?

What makes you a good leader?

Is it the ability to feel for your workers? Or is it the importance to lead by example?

Can a person really lead his own team just by having the ability to lead? Can someone really command respect from his team just by position or just by being the boss?

Can someone, who can’t do a better job but yet, asked for a better job done from his team command respect? What would be the thoughts triggered in the employee’s mind?

Can someone, who doesn’t treat his own employers the way they should be treated, expect his own employees to give him the respect he deserves?


Some may argue, some people is just cut out to be the boss but not the employee. I agree, but yet, if you don’t have empathy towards your staffs, you fail miserably as a leader.

Some may say, a leader must knows how to lead and serve.

Say, what do you call a leader who knows how to lead but don’t quite understand the “serve” part?


Sometimes, it is good to step back from the picture and trace your footprints.

Stare hard at those muddy footprints you made and see if did you ever step into another person’s backyard without even realizing it.

Some call this, reflection.


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