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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Crazy night.

No, I didn’t have wild hot crazy sex. * It was a damn fun night. The rule is simple, knock your cup and you LIM. No special treatment for anyone of any age and gender. Lesson Learnt of the day: Never ever challenge an outlaw. *checks my liver* Heng, still there.

I Am Legend

Robert Neville is the last living man on Earth but he is not alone – for every other man, woman, and child has become a vampire, and they are all hungry for Neville’s blood. By day, he is the hunter, stalking the sleeping undead through the abandoned ruins of civilisation. By night, he barricades himself […]


7.50am. I sit in my room, looking out of the window. The birds are chirping. The sky looks promising with a glimpse of hope. I took a deep breath, basking in the sunlight that shone into my room. All looks cheerful… * * * But… why do I feel so empty inside?

Eason Chen – Lonely Christmas

谁又骑着那鹿车飞过 忘掉投下那礼物给我 凝视那灯饰只有今晚最光最亮 却照亮我的寂寞 谁又能善心亲一亲我 由唇上来验证我幸福过 头上那飘雪想要栖息我肩膊上 到最后也别去么 merry, merry christmas, lonely, lonely christmas 人浪中想真心告白 但你只想听听笑话 lonely, lonely christmas, merry, merry christmas 明日灯饰必须拆下 换到欢呼声不过一刹 明晨遇到亦记不到和谁在醉酒中偷偷拥抱 仍然在傻笑但你哪知道我想哭 和谁撞到亦怕生保 宁愿在醉酒中辛苦呕吐 仍然在头痛合唱的诗歌听不到 Everyone’s celebrating Christmas with their beloved ones with the exception of those who’s single ( me included ).  Kind of make me jealous, but oh well. […]

Why nice guys are such losers

Why nice guys are such losers. (via) 男人不坏,男人不爱 So, go kick some ass outside guys.


昨天去了Raffles hotel 看了“第一次的亲密接触” 这部戏。 是Yes 93.3fm DJ 周崇庆饰演的独角戏。 周崇庆的角色叫做痞子。 故事说的是一个若不起眼的男生,在网络遇见了一个美若天仙的女子。两个人就因此在虚幻的网络里建立了友情。。。爱情。但在这一切进行时,那位男生却对那女生的病情毫不知情。 是个浪漫又感伤的故事。 * 其实在看演出时, 有某些镜头真的是捕抓到了我的心情。有些对话的内容也很有道理。 比如说,在这年头,还有谁(新加坡人)会用中文来写网上日记(blog)呢? 又比如,谁会喜欢相痞子这样的人?在现实生活中,只是个若不起眼的男生,没什么作为,没什么才艺。 但相痞子这样的人,终究还是遇见了他爱,和爱他的人。 。。。。 那,又代表了什么? 童话故事的结局,王子和公主一定会永永远远的在一起吗? *** 其实,我跟痞子很相吧。。。?

In Camp.

I’m in camp. Totally drained. Updates some other day… la!

Stressed out #?

Seemingly endless notes which seems to speak greek to me and the camps coming my way. The late nights seems to have taken it’s toil on my body. My body is screaming for rest, my mind is off to rome for holiday. I feel like a zombie, dragging my feets around and my eyes just […]

蒲公英的约定 – 周杰伦

蒲公英的约定 周杰伦 小学篱芭旁的蒲公英 是记忆里有味道的风景 午睡操场传来蝉的声音 多少年后也还是很好听 将愿望折纸飞机寄成信 因为我们等不到那流星 认真投决定命运的硬币 却不知道到底能去哪里 一起长大的约定 那样清晰 打过勾的我相信 说好要一起旅行 是你如今 唯一坚持的任性 在走廊上罚站打手心 我们却注意窗边的蜻蜓 我去到哪里你都跟很紧 很多的梦在等待着进行 一起长大的约定 那样清晰 打过勾的我相信 说好要一起旅行 是你如今 唯一坚持的任性 一起长大的约定 那样真心 与你聊不完的曾经 而我已经分不清 你是友情还是错过的爱情 *** Guitar tabs and piano scores. The more I strum, the more I like this song. Perhaps, it’s because somehow or rather, it reminds […]

Sushi Go Round

Was blog surfing ( when I was supposed to be studying for my exam ) and came across this. Apparently, Kingmeng got to know of this game through Ollie, who got addicted to this stupid game, and made him got hooked onto it as well. You know, studying is so boring and everything else seems […]