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Acer, again.

Following the keyboard episode and the big wooha about my spoilt laptop ( too lazy to find the link ), my laptop is spoilt again.

Yes, again.

As I am typing away now, my screen is flickering like crazy.

Great, just great.

I have my exams next week and I need my computer to read my notes.

And yes, no points for the smarty-pants who is gonna nag at me for not printing my notes.

The screen is in a really really bad situation now.

Just imagine, when you do manual channel surfing ( just when you bought a new TV ), those frequencies which does not belong to any stations… yes. That’s how bad my computer really is.

I suspect a graphic card + screen problem.

I really have to send it down for repair on monday. Get it fixed once and for all.

Maybe, the screen’s the reason for my tiredness when working with my computer recently. It’s really causing my eyes to strain.

Ok, it’s going really crazy again. I’m gonna give it some nice smacks with my hammer and see how it goes.

Damn Acer.

    Edit @ 2.22am: And the desktop saves the day – I’ve just moved the entire desktop from my brother’s room into my room. I do hope he doesn’t scream when he gets back.

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