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Sushi Go Round

Was blog surfing ( when I was supposed to be studying for my exam ) and came across this.

Apparently, Kingmeng got to know of this game through Ollie, who got addicted to this stupid game, and made him got hooked onto it as well.

You know, studying is so boring and everything else seems so interesting when you are studying. And so, curiousity kills the cat ( and the exam will kill r3gular later ). I clicked on the link and it resulted in me wasting 45mins on that game.

Not too bad, considering I cleared the game at one go. Maybe it’s just like Kingmeng, beginners luck. Haha…

I’m so smart where games are concerned. -_-.
If only it’s the same for exams -_-”

Am at 276th position. HTF does people get so high scores?!?!?!

Oh well, time wasted sucessfully.

Notes is staring at me again, but I have no more time to study. Gonna get ready for school. Exam starts at 8.30.

Wish me luck guys!


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  1. Posted January 8, 2008 at 6:34 am | Permalink

    I still haven’t figured out how people get to the 60K mark. I’ve managed to get up to 47K.

    What I’ve learned over countless hours of play is that it’s a volume game. You need to get as much turnover as possible. It’s ok if your reputation suffers a bit and people get angry. If you have more people then you get paid a lot more.

    To speed up turnover, I just keep churning out product. Even if it’s not asked, I make it. Often, by the time it gets to pickup, someone appears and snaps it up.

    Hope this helps,

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