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Happy ( Hopefully ) 2008!

A bit late, but better late than never.

Past events of 2007 ( that I can think off ).

  • Spent half of 2007 overseas, working ( and playing ) my arse off.
  • Came back a changed person, with a different perspective of things.
  • Went on a month’s backpacking tour.
  • Saw the breath-taking scenery of sunset and sunrise on Huang Shan ( China ) and swore to bring my future girlfriend there.
  • Picked up guitar through online tutorials. ( though, still learning now )
  • Joined the crazy forum known as the Cowboybar.
  • Fell in love and out of it.
  • Picked up some really really bad habits.
  • Drink, drank, drunk.

I was thinking, I’ll do away with new year resolutions this year. It seems, all my new year resolutions ain’t fullfilled. So it’s no big deal listing them out anyway.


My 2008 didn’t start out very well. I hope you guys had better luck.

Happy ( hopefully ) 2008!


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