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Vote Priscilla For Inter JC Pageant 2008!

Don’t say I not enough Brudder also hor.

At the request of my Goot Brudder Jesuafreak and Jaywalk, I will plug a post to get every one to not only vote for Jesuafreak‘s niece, Priscilla (TJC) but also to get fellow bloggers to plug and spread the word around.

So in return hor, Jesuafreak has promised to open one Martell for every plugged blog and Priscilla will join us for the Martell party when Jaywalk comes back from SpitLand during Chinese New Year ( You all can have your martells, I want some private time ^^ )

So what’cha waiting for? Start voting and plugging! Mai Too Liao.

Please vote for Priscilla (J-13).


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