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We change the world, or the world change us?

Inspiration coming from Wilson.

The question posting out to readers; We change the world, or the world change us?

Does the world revolves around you, or do you revolve around the world?

I’ll say, a little bit of everything.

The environment you are in forge you to be who you are and yet at the same time, who you are forge the environment you are in. The choices you make determines the environment you are in and the environment you are in determines the choices you make.

I know, sounds stupid.

It’s the law of attraction, I’ll say. You are who you think you are. You want something very much, you think of it everyday and then, you will get it.

Kind of like the “chicken or egg first” question. There isn’t any real answers to this question.


People often complained about their current situation ( Yes, I am guilty of that as well ), about how bad this is, or how bad that is. But coming back to the point, who was the one who allowed themselves to get into the situation in the first place? Had they made a wrong choice, which lead to the current situation?

Have you changed your own world, or has the world changed your world?

It’s all a matter of choices actually. People often claims that they have “no choice” or “no better alternatives”, but i often tell these people that it isn’t about having “no choice”. It’s a matter of whether you want to make the choice or not.

I have this friend who is capable of quality work but yet produces sub-standard work every time. When questioned, he claims that he doesn’t have time to work due to various commitments which he have “no choice” but to participate. The choice to participate in the various commitments events was already a choice to begin with.

So, who was the one who brought the “no choice” situation upon him? And coming back to the topic. Has he changed his own world, or has the world changed his world?


The world will change you to become who you are and then, you will change your world to become how you want it to be. Your idealistic world then changes ( because the only constant is change ) and in turn, changes you to become who you are. You then change your own world again. It’s a vicious cycle.

There are a few types of people around.

To name a few, there are those who made a lucky choice – went for some seminars/talk or bought a book which changed their life.

There are those who constantly review themselves, knows and applies the law of attraction ( knowing it will change their lives ).

There are some who just met opportunities at the right place, at the right time.

I belong to the 2nd group of people. I want to change myself, so I will change my own world ( for the better ).

And i do believe, I did change my world myself more then the world changed my world for me.


Which group to you belong to?

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