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100,000 Mark.

In almost 3 months, I’ve jumped from the 10,000 Mark to 100,000 mark.

The recent Edison Chen saga brought in so much traffic that resulted in the unexpected jump.

Really, this blog is only a few months old ( turning 1 soon ).

A very big achievement actually, from a nobody in the blogosphere.

What do I say?

I don’t know who you guys are. You guys might not even come back anymore. But still, thanks for dropping by. ( And yes I know, you guys are just here for the Edison Chen sex scandal shit. Horny Bastards. )

And I know what you guys are thinking.

No, I’m not refreshing my own blog 24/7. It’s a count made up of unique visitors, which means different IPs. Take that, bitches.

Once again, thank you for reading about my mundane life.

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