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( cont ) The (still) on-going Edison Chen Saga.

This episode has been going on for weeks already.

Newest ( not so “new” after all ) updates is that Gillian has apparently admitted to it and said she was young and naive at that point of time.

Check out the video. *In Cantonese*


    Hello everyone! Happy Chinese New Year! The scandal has been a great deal of hurt for me and the people around me. I was naive and foolish in the past (admitting to it indirectly) but I am already a grown-up now. I would like to thank my manager, company, family and friends for their support. I’m sorry for the trouble that it has caused to the society. I will work even harder and bravely face up to my life in future. I also thank the media for their concern and fans for their unwavering support.

There were also news that Manhattan Titanium, a credit card company decided to drop Edison Chen as their spokesperson.


Edison Chen is also reportedly a wanted man now on three accounts. By sponsors to terminate their contracts with him, triad bosses for his involvement with Vincy Yeung and causing chaos, and the police for possibly committing a crime.

Hmmmm. Big big trouble.

Find more ( and faster ) updates on:


All of them follows the episode very closely in detail.

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